A Call To Arms

Will we listen?

2020 is the call we’ve all been waiting for. It feels like the opportunity to take responsibility for our part in this gigantic global shift.

The waves of panic and fear have flooded our airwaves just enough to make us pay attention and respond.  To choose our place in this sea of change and contribute to humanity with love over fear. Not as easy as it sounds, I know.

Twenty-twenty has commanded our attention. No doubt about it.

But will we listen? Are we really awake?

I couldn’t help but associate the sudden lack of toilet paper as a metaphorical invitation to deal with our own sh*t. We’ve all needed to change our habits in some way, but we’re human and humans are creatures of habit. So sometimes we find ourselves in the same old routine until something dramatic occurs and pulls the rug from underneath us. It’s only then we’re forced to make rapid and sudden adjustments which result in change.

The world is calling for a new way.

First it was Mother Nature’s lungs under threat due to climate change and huge fires, and now it’s our lungs under threat with a virus. From the macrocosm of Mother Earth to the microcosm of each individual person who inhabits it. All part of the whole.

Perhaps we need to use this global pause to turn inward and ask – where can I do better?

It’s like the butterfly effect, a phenomenon whereby a tiny local change in a complex system can have huge effects elsewhere. In other words, we have immense power to create positive change that can ripple across the world.

Many of us have been yearning for a slower pace of life and now here it is, quite literally on our door step! Yet sudden change is uncomfortable especially when it’s out of our control. It’s like that thing where we’re in the thick of winter and complain how cold it is, then summer arrives and then we’re feeling too hot. We’re a complex bunch.

Of course the rapid changes of 2020 have had a devastating impact on those who have lost their jobs, lost their health or even lost loved ones. It’s definitely not a one size fits all scenario, but those of us lucky enough to be blessed with our health, a roof over our head.. well.. we owe it the others to be grateful. So staying home has been a small price to pay to lower the curb and support those around us.

The chain is only as strong as its weakest link, our vulnerable are part of our strength.

So what’s next?

  • I wonder if this energy of spaciousness and time will allow us to expand? Or will the walls feel like they are closing in on us?
  • I wonder if the old systems will finally collapse and incredible authentic ones will replace them? Or will we feel powerless to stand up once and for all?
  • I wonder if it’s time to hand over the Earth to our children in a better way than we found it? Or will we succumb to our old habits?
  • I wonder if this is the cataclysm that will finally end suffering and make way for a New Earth?

I have my eyes focused on the later.

We each have a part to play in this new way and right now, it starts at home. So let’s do this.

Keep safe, healthy and care for each other.









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