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Soulful Support for Special Needs Mums


Need to slow down and reconnect? Seeking resources and advice to help you on your journey raising a special needs child? Just want to feel you are not alone?

Mothers need support, but the whole “it takes a village” takes on a whole new meaning with mums who are raising children with additional needs.

This is your space, an online sanctuary for you to gather what you need. You are raising a miracle with huge challenges and your voice needs to be heard. I believe we can truly reach our full potential, transforming loss and brokenness through love and light. Sharing my story has connected me to so many mamas experiencing challenges and are some of the most beautiful and courageous people I have ever met.

Here you will find:


You will find many inspiring stories in The Miracle Project, giving you hope that things can transform. You will grow, expand and rise to the challenge of being a special needs mama, becoming increasingly resourceful and adaptable. You will also witness the miracles unfolding through your child’s sheer determination.

Community & Connection

So many other women have been where you are right now. You will start to rest in the awareness that you are not alone at all. There is a tribe of other women who will help to carry you during the times it feels too heavy. Through exploring The Blog,  The Miracle Project or THE REIGNITE PROGRAM, you will begin to feel part of a community who truly understands you.

I’m based in Melbourne, Australia and share my light worldwide.


As Seen In

Disability. Brain-Injury. Special Needs. – it all weaves into the entire family’s journey.

My Story


Every expectant mother has that little sliver of fear as she clasps her hands over her belly, hoping and praying that her baby will be born healthy.

I was no different and when I had a scan and they said they couldn’t find her foot and I needed to come back for another scan in a few days, my heart was in my throat as I instantly imagined the worst.

If only I knew then what was to come…

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“The last of human freedoms – the ability to choose one’s attitude in a given set of circumstances.”

Vicktor E. Frankl

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Soulful Support For Mums

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