Beautiful You Coaching Academy Awards 2017 – 2018

(Carla Da Costa, Natalie, Madison Hedlund, Jo Kendall, Kate Cashman, Rhiannon Colarossi)

(Carla Da Costa, Natalie, Madison Hedlund, Jo Kendall, Kate Cashman, Rhiannon Colarossi)

When women support each other, incredible things happen. There are some decisions you make in life that literally open up a whole new world. Training with Beautiful You Coaching Academy (BYCA) is definitely one of them.

Huge thank you to Julie Parker and the amazing team at Beautiful You, who create such a strong foundation of heart centred Life Coach training.

So many golden opportunities have unfolded since I became a qualified Life Coach, most of all the positive impact I have created for myself, my family and those who I work with. You can read more about my BYCA coaching journey here.

Mauro and I recently attended the 2017-2018 Beautiful You Coaching Academy Awards Gala Dinner. It was such a magical night with lots of celebration and inspiration.

Congratulations to my beautiful friends and finalists, who are all shining their light in various ways, as well as beautiful Madison Hedlund winner of the BYCA International Coach of the year. One of  the amazing things about this community, is the support and celebration of one another. There’s no feelings of competition or lack, instead it’s abundant, expansive with authentic connection. What a gift that is for a woman who is sharing her work with the world, to have the support of so many others along side her.

I was so humbled and deeply grateful to be a co-winner for the CEO Shine Award with the lovely Jo Kendall. The CEO Shine Award is a private award given to a Beautiful You Life Coach that the CEO and Founder Julie Parker believes embodies the qualities of a Beautiful You Coach and shows heart, commitment and authentic effort in serving their clients and building their business. Julie highlighted coaches who are;

  • Passionate about people.
  • Conduct their business with integrity and authenticity.
  • Leaders in the truth and realness.
  • Choose the story of who we are: not defined by what has or what hasn’t happened to us.
  • Deep respect for the lessons we have learned and how that impacts our work
  • Care for and respect their clients and fellow coaches.

Julie had over 620 coaches that she could have chosen to be a finalist in the CEO Shine Award and she chose us: Brittany Baxter, Jo Kendell, Jolinda Johnson, Katie Kutz, Sabrina Davis and myself. As Julie said, that’s a pretty big deal and one that together we should be proud of and celebrate. That’s exactly what we did, we celebrated one another, our fellow coaches and all the people that support us along this journey, thank you to my partner Mauro for being there and cheering me on.

It didn’t really sink in until my mum phoned me a few days later, she was away on a trek in Tasmania and had no phone reception. All of a sudden the tears began to flow as I updated her about the night, she understands all the layers of the journey and was so happy for me.

Mauro and I left that night feeling so grateful for all the connections we made that night, beautiful people doing amazing things in the world.

Together we celebrated just how far we have come and the incredible people we have met along our journey. I always think how remarkable it is, had Chiara never arrived into our world, I would not have met the BYCA community let alone explored this journey of writing, speaking and coaching. It reminds me to trust in the bigger picture and that sometimes all we have to do, is show up through the ups and downs, stay connected and miracles will continue to unfold.

Photography by: Fi Mims Photography

Thank you again Julie, your light has made in incredible impact on me. I hope that I can continue to shine a light onwards for so many mothers, who are finding their way through moments of dark and unknowns.


Humbled and honoured.

With Love,


Photo credit: Fi Mims Photography





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