Inspiring Women In Business – Amy from Simply Organised

I first connected with Amy via a Facebook forum for our local area.  I then discovered more about her business ‘Simply Organised’ as well as the podcast ‘The Art Of Decluttering’ and was so inspired. It’s great to have Amy here to share her knowledge, as I think it could help many of us special needs parents, organisation is a powerful tool in managing the day to day challenges.

You can also follow Amy at  Simply Organised via Instagram and Facebook.


Natalie: Tell us a little bit about our family.

Amy: I grew up as the eldest of 5 girls, and we had a very organised home growing up. I can remember the routines and responsibilities made for a relaxed, fun and organised family.

I married my best friend Cal in 2002 and we moved into a tiny unit in the country which was so small that it couldn’t fit both a dining table and couch in at the same time. With space at a premium I discovered the necessity of being organised and started to learn about minimalism and the joy of owning less. I’m also the proud Mumma of 2 gorgeous primary aged boys who are full of energy, love their sport and will always make time to play a board game. Our family over the last 7 years has really discovered the power in decluttering and owning less. The minimalist in me has been awoken and we enjoy living clutterfree and have more time to spend as a family instead of looking after our stuff.


Natalie: How did Simply Organised begin?  

Amy: In 2014 a mum from school asked me to come over and help her reorganise her home, I jumped at the opportunity and I spent 8 hours helping her move furniture and redesign the way they used the spaces in their home. She loved it and I started getting calls from other mums at school who saw the transformation and wanted help in their own homes. It was like being a Professional Organiser was what I’d been training for my whole life, it just took me a while to realise there was this business inside of me waiting to explode. I could see within a couple of weeks that I what I thought might only be a hobby was actually a viable business so Simply Organised was born!


Natalie: What do you love most about your work?

Amy: By far the most rewarding part of my business is the life change I see as a result of the decluttering work I do with clients in their homes. It’s never about the ‘stuff’ and the life transformational work that happens as we clear the clutter is hard to put into words. As I work alongside these beautiful women we deal with the ‘why’ of items that are kept but not loved or needed. We get to the heart issue, which is powerful, and out of the personal revelations they get, their mindset and habits are pliable to learn the skills of decluttering and organising for life. I’ve seen people breakthrough from grief, loss, depression, anger, separation, isolation, lonliness, guilt, shame… all through the process of decluttering. See why I love it!?


Natalie: Your podcast, The Art of Decluttering, has had over 70k downloads (amazing!) and reached #7 on the iTunes charts, tell us more.

Amy: Yes, what an amazing 10 weeks it has been!! Together with Kirsty from Feels Like Home in Sydney, we launched our podcast just over 2 months ago. Our aim was to give our online communities a new way of hearing from us and to reach people with the message of freedom through decluttering. The result has been incredible! The podcast style is really relaxed, it’s like sitting down for a cup of tea with two girlfriends and chatting about things around the home. I think this really appeals to busy mums and dads who would love to sit and read my book (shameless plug!) but just don’t have the time. The beauty of a podcast is you can listen while you walk the dog, drive to work, sit at netball or while you’re doing the dishes at night. Our audience has been so incredible, and we receive photos and messages every single day from listeners who have put our tips into action and are loving the results. It has also opened up other media opportunities which has been very exciting.


Natalie: Is there a common reason you see in what holds people back from organising their home?

Amy: The most common thing holding people back is overwhelm. Overwhelm in not knowing where to start, not knowing how long it will take, and not sure if they have the skills to maintain it if they do get themselves organised. People are busy and often it just feels like too much, even though they know it needs to happen. The beauty of having a professional organiser come alongside is that we have experience in how to best tackle any space in the home and we won’t give up when it gets too hard. We can guide the process as well as give expert advice along the way.


Natalie: I loved your question on your website “how would you like to feel when you walk in after a busy day?” It must be a great feeling to help create that reality for your clients. What’s the most popular response?

Amy: It’s SO good helping people achieve the dream they have for their home. I begin each session asking what my client’s vision is for their space and then we work to that goal. Nobody wants to walk in after a busy day at work or running around after kids to piles of paperwork, baskets of washing and toys all over the floor. I help create homes that people love being in and that are easy to keep that way.


Natalie: How could Simply Organised help a family who are raising children with additional needs?

Amy: I’ve worked with quite a few families who are raising children with additional needs and the results have been incredible. There are two areas I focus on when helping these families; firstly we talk about any additional requirements their child/ren have that we can integrate into the family home and routine. This may be in-home therapy equipment or specialised requirements like needing wheelchair access to books and toys. We want to make your home works well for every member and my strength is thinking creatively about space and storage to fit each unique family. Secondly I want to help create a physical environment that is complementary to children with special needs. This means thinking about how and where we place items but it also includes accounting for the noisy distraction of clutter too. This is especially important for children with sensory sensitivities. I love it when we’ve decluttered a child’s bedroom and I get a message from their parent saying how well their child has been sleeping or how less stressful their morning routine is.


Natalie: Do you have a favourite quote, prayer or miracle inspiration that you would like to leave with us?

This quote is from my book (Simply Organised; an expert’s guide to decluttering your life and home) and captures the heart of why I do what I do.

 “A decluttered home means that there’s room to breathe, to think and to relax”

– Amy Revell

Simply Organised



Natalie: Synchronic moments. On a recent flight from Sydney, my husband and I checked in together and for some reason were not seated next to each other. Instead a lovely lady sat in the window seat next to me. Half way through the flight we began to chat, she was flying home after appearing on Sunrise Television. I was intrigued to know more and when she said ‘organisation’ and ‘decluttering’, the penny dropped! It was Amy! We chatted the entire flight home, Amy has such an amazing energy I felt inspired and uplifted in her presence. Thank you again Amy.







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