Inspiring Women In Business – Sarah from ‘Little Rockers Radio’

I first discovered Sarah Morrissey from Little Rockers Radio via a post that Bridget from Midnight Mums shared. I was so intrigued to learn more about her business and what inspired to her to launch Australia’s first online 24/7 commercial radio station for children from birth to 6. (I’m loving the nightime lullabies to help settle our littlest one and there is yoga & meditation too – huge fan!)

Sarah is one amazing Mama, who has also created something extremely special, in honour of a personal story of loss.

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Welcome Sarah from Little Rockers Radio

Natalie: Tell us about your family.

Sarah:  Married to a ‘health nut’ and Personal Trainer, we have two beautiful kids, Jack (10) and Grace (8). We live in the suburbs of Melbourne and have a dog, cat, birds and fish which is much more manageable than previously, with two dogs, two cats, two bunnies, two mice, hermit crabs, fish and birds! Yes, we were like a zoo and my days were spent cleaning up after animals and family!!

Natalie: How did Little Rockers Radio begin?

Sarah: I had the idea to start a radio station for kids when Jack and Grace were both young and I couldn’t find one. As I didn’t have a background in music or broadcasting I sat on the idea for a few years, before being inspired by a friend who was running his own business. I went home, googled ‘how do you start a radio station’ and it started from there, launching in 2014.

We are now 24/7 and play songs, nursery rhymes, story time, yoga, meditation and more through the day and lullabies all night. People can listen through the Apps, desktop players, iHeartRadio, TuneIn Radio and more.

I Love Little Rockers Radio


Natalie: After you launched Australia’s first online 24/7 commercial radio station (for children from birth to 6), you also launched Little Rockers Red Nose Disco, can you tell us more about it?

Sarah: My nephew passed away from SIDS at 16-months of age and my son at the time was 14-months old. This was 9-years ago now. I had always purchased noses and held fundraising morning teas, etc but wanted to do more. When I launched Little Rockers Radio I knew that it would be able to help in some way and then I had the idea for a disco.

The team at Red Nose (formerly SIDS & Kids) are so great and they were on board straight away. This year is our third year running the disco and we have the support of Australian Radio Network (iHeartRadio, KIIS FM, Gold FM) this year for the second year, which is great.

Child Care & Early Learning Centres, Kindergartens, Mums Groups and Play Groups can all register to host their own disco and all funds raised go direct to Red Nose. This year we are hoping to have 50,000 children dance, making it Australia’s largest simultaneous disco.


Natalie: How can people participate and learn more about Little Rockers Red Nose Disco 2017?

Sarah: You can visit the Red Nose website at:

Natalie:  Do you have a favourite quote, prayer  or miracle inspiration that you would like to leave with us?

Sarah: Not a quote specifically, but I live by the philosophy that happiness comes from within. Material things don’t make us happy, they just pop a band aid on for a while. I teach my children that it’s our reactions to situations that make the most difference and we have control over how we react, no one else does.



You can stream Little Rockers Radio  any time of the day or night from their website or download the LilRockers App on iTunes or Google Play for free. Check out the nighttime lullabies such beautiful tunes to help settle the little ones at night.


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