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This site is not only a sanctuary for mothers who are raising children with additional needs, but also serves as a virtual portfolio for my writing.

As a passionate advocate for families around the world, I am grateful to have been able to spread the positive message that I try to convey here at Miracle Mama even further through the support of other publications. You can see a full list of all my features below.

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Circle In | Peace & Purpose
Ausmumpreneur | Ambassador Feature Natalie Roberts-Mazzeo
Source Kids | A Letter To Our Paediatrician
The Natural Parenting Magazine | To The Warrior Mother
Source Kids | The Gift of a Sibling with Special Needs
Very Special Kids | Self Care For Special Needs Parents
Source Kids | Special Needs Parenting on ‘One of those days’
Source Kids | Charades With My Daughter
The Huffington Post | The Midnight Moments As A Special Needs Mum
Soulful Living Magazine | Miracles
Source Kids | Stress, Special Needs Parenting & Our Personal Battlefields
The Mighty | I Parent A Child With A Disability, And Yes, It’s Full Time Work
Source Kids | Finding Calm In The Storm Of Special Needs Parenting
Source Kids |Midnight Moments As A Special Needs Mum
Source Kids | The Transition To Becoming A Special Needs Mum
Natural Parenting Magazine | Midnight Miracle Moments Special Needs Parenting
The Huffington Post | This Is The Miracle
Kids Spot | I Kept Saying To My Husband, There’s Something Else Going On
Source Kids | Special Needs Families I See You
Source Kids | A Special Needs Mothers Day
Midnight Mums | 2017 Ausmumpreneur Awards Our Vote For Natalie @ Miracle Mama
Source Kids | A Letter To My Friends Since Becoming A Special Needs Mum
Source Kids | The Roberts-Mazzeo Family Profile
The Huffington Post | The Special Needs Community Doesn’t Exclude
Source Kids | A Message For Pauline Hanson
Source Kids | Finding Gratitude In Uncommon Places
Mummalove| Becoming A Miracle Mama
Motherhood Melbourne | My Little Miracle
The Mighty | The Love I See In Hospitals
Source Kids | A Letter To My Daughter Grace
Source Kids | Live Like A Lotus 
Source Kids | The Grace Of Grief
Source Kids | Passing On The Special Needs Baton
Midnight Mums | Our Daughter Had A Stroke
Source Kids | To The Mum Who
The Huffington Post | The Biggest Mountain You Will Climb
Source Kids | 5 Simple Tools To Help Support A Parent Of A Child With A Disability
The Huffington Post | Special-Needs Parents Still See The Miracles in Your Milestones
Source Kids | A Special Needs Mothers Day
The Huffington Post |  For My Daughter on Her First Day Of School
The Huffington Post | When Pictures Really Become Priceless
The Huffington Post | A Day In The Life Of Special-Needs Parents
The Mighty |What The Unknowns Of Our Special Needs Journey Teach Us 


The Herald Sun | Girl Fights Polymicrogyria, A Rare Brain Condition
The Herald Sun | Montmorency’s Natalie Roberts-Mazzeo Nominated For 2017 Ausmumpreneur Awards
3AW Radio Interview 2017 |2017 Influencer Award
3AW Radio Interview | Natalie & Mauro Mazzeo

Planning on featuring Natalie or Miracle Mama? 

Let us know and we’ll add you to our list of media links. Please feel free to download hi-res photographs to support your article by clicking the images below. All images credit: Emma Wise Photography.

Disclaimer: These photos are made available courtesy of Miracle Mama and may only be used in an article or blog post written by, or about, Natalie Roberts-Mazzeo and/or Miracle Mama. For more information please contact us.

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