My Beautiful You Coaching Journey

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” ― Paulo Coelho

Don’t you love when you finally take that leap or decision to follow your passion the whole world conspires to support you. This has been my experience from the moment I first discovered Beautiful You Coaching Academy  in 2016.

My coaching heart-mission is to support mothers who are raising children with additional needs. I felt empowered to combine my previous corporate experience, together with my yoga and meditation qualifications and coaching, to offer a global online sanctuary to support a tribe of women I admire so much.

Natalie Roberts-Mazzeo

Melbourne Inspiration Day! From left: Leana Mullane, Natalie Anne Armstrong, Julie Parker (Lead Trainer), Ashlea Loveday & Danielle Knight.


Let me rewind the clock a little and share with you how I arrived here and why I chose Beautiful You Coaching Academy.

I am a proud mama of two little goddesses Grace (7) and Chiara (4). I was teaching yoga whilst I was pregnant with baby number two. My work-life balance was in check, tick!

Although this quickly changed after the birth of Chiara, life suddenly changed in epic proportions. Chiara had suffered a stroke and as a result was left with a serious brain-injury, unable to walk, talk or live a long life. Chiara would require full-time care for the rest of her life. All of a sudden motherhood came in such a different form this time around and suddenly everything was unknown.

The following few years were spent in hospital’s and therapy sessions to help Chiara achieve her highest possible potential. I roller-coastered between being Super Mum, to feeling like I couldn’t make it through the another day – I was that exhausted! Not to mention coming to terms and accepting that my beautiful daughter would have to endure so much challenge.

Around this time I attended my first a women’s circle (thank you beautiful Donna) where I met a life coach (Erin Kyna) and booked in for my first coaching series. (Love when the universe steps in to help you create magic!). I was already blogging and sharing my story, but I wanted more ways to help serve the special needs sisterhood and coaching felt like the perfect solution to help mama’s in need. Signing up for my first coaching series was pivotal in helping me to create positive change in my life. Then enrolling to become a life coach myself took things to the next level!

My intuition guided me so strongly to Beautiful You Coaching Academy (BYCA),  I saw expansive opportunities with their course. I did a lot of research with other coaching courses yet I was always called back to BYCA. 


The level of professionalism and dedication provided to all trainees is incredible, the online hub is so comprehensive and the live calls are fantastic to stay connected and inspired. Yes it was sometimes a struggle to jump onto every coaching call, being a mama of a child with complex health issues often means I’m attending multiple medical or therapy appointments per week. The good news is mama’s, every call is recorded so you can listen back when the time is right.

I never let my circumstances stop me from following my dreams, I would listen to the module interviews sitting in the waiting rooms of The Royal Children’s Hospital or during therapy sessions, or up in the middle of the night. Twenty four hour inspiration and when I needed it most!

Not only that I was lucky enough to study alongside an amazing group of women, I found my tribe of coaches! I’ve been so lucky to receive incredible support in bringing Miracle Mama to life. It has been a transformative experience, alongside my motherhood journey.

Natalie Roberts-Mazzeo


I graduated in spring 2016 I have since:

  • Launched my website, including ‘The Miracle Project’ sharing stories of other special needs families around the globe.
  • Become a proud BYCA affiliate.
  • Finished an inspiring coaching series with the incredible and inspirational Johanna Parker from BYCA.
  • Attended the Melbourne Beautiful You Inspiration Day, so good to meet my fellow coaching tribe.
  • Worked with amazing brave clients who amaze and inspire me every day.
  • Had my writing published via The Huffington Post, Source Kids, Elephant Journal and more.
  • Been a guest speaker to audiences from 10 to 500.
  • Shortlisted for a TEDx talk interview.
  • Featured in The Herald Sun and Leader Newspapers, as well as radio interviews.
  • Won the 2017 Influencer Award in Sydney with Ausmumpreneur and am now an ambassador.
  • Co-created a womens circle event especially for special needs mums and so much more.
  • 2017 Bupa Blog Finalist and now work with Bupa to co-create.
  • 2018 Telstra Women’s Business Awards Nominee.
  • 2018 Shine Award Finalist from Julie Parker (Founder of BYCA).
  • 2018 Guest Speaker at The Variety “Women With Heart” Event.

Most of all I have been able to help so many other mama’s through their own journey, which has been one of the biggest blessings of all. Not to mention help create new possibilities for my beautiful family, who I am so proud of. It’s been a wild ride, lots of tears and triumphs!


I wanted to share this with you because for a while after Chiara was diagnosed, I felt like giving up. It seemed as though all my hopes and dreams for my beautiful little girl and our family were lost. Although it took a long time to come to terms with this new way of living and motherhood experience, I am so glad I never gave up hope. It hasn’t been easy, I plummeted into a spiral of post natal depression and exhaustion from so many ongoing hospital visits. Those early days after diagnosis are so raw, so painful and so consuming. I get it, I know how impossible EVERYTHING feels like, but I also know how small shifts and changes can bring new ways of living.

So much is possible, it really is mama. Step out into the light and rock this special needs motherhood journey!

So if you have a dream for yourself, please don’t let the hurdles stop you. Whether it’s coaching or something else, please do not quit.  Things may move a little slower and for this we must trust and surrender. I believe that the best is yet to come and sometimes we just need to take that leap of a faith and go for it. It’s crazy to think that if I never said YES to this course, so many things may never have unfolded.

Feeling the call also?

Simply check the link below. I’ve got some amazing affiliate bonuses for you if you sign up to the Beautiful You Coaching Academy Course using my affiliate link here. The first course for 2018 is already 70% sold out. Feel free to send me a message, I am more than happy to chat with you if you would like to learn more. I wouldn’t share any of this unless I knew how much potential it truly held.






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