Out of the Darkness

‘Out of the Darkness Event’

Chances are if you are a mum raising a beautiful soul with additional needs, you may have experienced some dark times through the roller coaster of diagnosis, therapies and the huge transition into a very different motherhood journey, than the one you dreamed of.

These mixed emotions though motherhood are not limited to mum’s of special needs children, at the heart of it all we all experience the vast array of emotions that motherhood brings. We had mothers, special needs mothers and grandmothers all together in the room, how amazing is that!

It was such an honour to create a space with my dear friend Darrielle-Maree, welcoming mums to come together and share from the heart.  As mothers in the modern world we crave space to slow down and reconnect to the things that really matter. So that’s exactly what we did. We had beautiful essential oils simmering away, music to fill the space, fresh roses, gorgeous crystals, nourishing food and the most tranquil space ever! We were so grateful to have our beautiful friend Yana captured the morning so well.

The event was held in the ‘Tree House Studio’ which was surrounded by a massive oak tree, love how Mother Nature weaves her magic in. The oak tree is considered a storehouse of wisdom embodied within its towering strength, and the acorn is a symbol of strength and potential, which made me smile as I spoke a lot about the potential of our children and what that unlocks for us as mothers and parents.

It was such a relaxing morning full of incredible women, who despite the enormity of their challenges, still manage to hold the universe together!  When women come together, and share whats truly on their hearts, something magical happens. There’s no masks, no labels, no judgement, just real authentic sharing which is so humbling to watch unfold.

Darrielle’s daughter Bella and my daughter Chiara, have divinely orchestrated so much of the work we do. There was no coincidence when we met for the first time, by chance, in the school hall of our daughters school. Even though we had met through social media before that, there was something so powerful and magical when our families met in person. What has flowed since then has been amazing, our event on Sunday and the all the ease and flow prior, was definitely a testament that we are meant to be doing this work and so much more.

The sun was shining through the studio, which was a welcomed change from the constant rain from the day before. It really was such a relaxing, easy going, open, and supportive environment. There is so much inspiration in that beautiful exchange of sharing and supporting one another.

Darrielle and I shared stories and examples of how we moved out of the darkness and into a much lighter way of living, within our new motherhood journeys. It took years to move through such massive challenges and all kinds of stress, that naturally come with this journey. We know how difficult it can be, because we’ve been there to the depths of it all and that’s why we are so passionate to help other mum’s, so they can feel lighter and more at ease no matter what their circumstance.

Thank you again to all the beautiful women who joined us, it was such a nourishing morning on so many levels. So stay tuned, we are planning some more offerings in the near future.

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All photos captured in this blog by: @Yana Klein





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