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If you are looking for a speaker to connect, inspire and uplift your audience with an empowering message then look no further.

Natalie is based in Melbourne, but travels worldwide. Natalie is a passionate Speaker, Writer and Thought Leader around topics associated with raising a child with a disability, diagnosis or additional need. You can find her as a featured blogger on The Huffington Post, Source Kids and The Mighty.

Natalie can tailor speaking and interactive workshops to suit your needs on topics including (but not limited to):

  • Reclaiming yourself underneath the label of ‘special needs mum’.
  • Rediscovering your purpose and passion.
  • Life outside of hospitals and therapies for your child: how to find your sanctuary.
  • Creating positive boundaries: so we maintain optimum energy levels.

Natalie is changing lives for special needs children and their parents everyday, all over the world. I was so honored to have met her at the PMG Convention that was held in Denver. Her words were so powerful: life changing, actually. I loved how she was optimistic and full of smiles.

Natalie said “Shine a light into darkness.” That is what I am now doing with my son Jaydon’s brain abnormality. I was honored to have met a lovely Mom like herself. Thank you, Natalie!

Anet Madrid - USA

I heard Natalie speak at the PMG convention in Colorado. I didn’t realize the impact that her message would have on me, but it has been life changing. She had a beautiful way of showing me that just because my life didn’t end up the way that I thought it would didn’t mean it was bad.

Before I heard Natalie speak my husband and I had decided our family was going to take a month long break from life. The guilt that came with this decision was heavy as our son didn’t take breaks from therapy, but after hearing Natalie speak that guilt turned to excitement. I was excited as she made me see that it was okay to take a break once in a while. It was okay to want to dream again.

She gave me this gift that it was going to be okay to not just check the life-box, but to go back to that person who wanted more.  I no longer want to just get through the day, but instead I look for ways to carve in fun. I have seen a change not just within me, but our whole family.

Thank you Natalie! Your message is one that everyone needs to hear. Our family is so grateful for your insight.

Tara Flakne Bohle - USA

“We thoroughly enjoyed having Natalie speak at our Women With Heart Luncheon. She shared her journey with us in an open, engaging and heart-felt manner that really struck a chord with our attendees.

She is an inspirational woman with a heart of gold. We look forward to working again with her in the future.” 

Variety Chidren's Chairty - Melbourne , Variety The Children's Charity

Natalie’s presentation at the PMG United Family Convention in Denver, Colorado has given my husband and I so much hope and encouragement that there is light at the end of the tunnel, regardless of how hard the struggle might feel at the time.

Natalie’s strength as a mother to a child of a special needs child is remarkable and very uplifting especially to us parents who recently received  our child’s diagnosis. I want to thank Natalie from the bottom of my heart for sharing her story, and for sharing such heartfelt encouraging words to us all. Also for giving us a reminder as to why we were chosen to love and care for these beautiful kids.  She truly is an inspiration to all of us and without a doubt she will continue to be that inspiration and breath of fresh air through her presentations and speeches.

Marissa Zamora - USA, PMGA Awareness

My husband and I had the great pleasure of attending this year’s PMGA Family Convention in Denver, Colorado, where we met many families in the same situation as ourselves. We will never forget hearing Natalie speak about her ongoing journey, and her very special daughter Chiara.  Coming into the convention, we had very little hope regarding our son Tristan and his recent diagnosis of bilateral perisylvian polymicrogyria.

To hear another mother share the raw truth about living through the ups and downs of such an unknown future, the challenges and the breakthroughs, the heartache and ‘all the feels’… It gave us hope, and showed us that there’s light at the end of the tunnel – a new tunnel.  She showed us that we’re not alone.  She sparked something in every family listening that we CAN do this, we ARE strong enough, and we WILL get though this for the children we love so much.

We can’t thank her enough for travelling halfway across the world to share her story and her strength with us.  Thank you, Natalie!

Heidi Green - Canada

‘Natalie is a very engaging speaker who talks candidly about her motherhood journey. Natalie has a great understanding of the benefits of health and wellness, but what makes her presentations so interesting is that she has an amazing personal insight into the emotional, physical and mental demands of caring for a child with additional needs.

Natalie is able to share her story which is deeply moving, and truly inspiring. She is certainly a most impressive person who has had to cope with more than most people do in a lifetime. I would recommend her to anyone wishing to create positive change in their lives.’

Judy Hall - Melbourne, Rotary International

‘We invited to Natalie to speak at our parent support group. Natalie has a natural and positive aura that is noticeable as soon as she walks into the room. Her warmth was genuine and continued throughout her presentation. The mums present drew a lot of strength, energy and support from her, to move forward and face the challenges they see ahead of themselves parenting a child with high needs. Everyone went home feeling a bit rejuvenated and more positive about the future of their child’s potential, and how they could cope with the situation they are now in.’

Felicia - Melbourne, Access Inc.

‘Natalie has such a beautiful energy, is full of warmth and is positive yet so real. During her talk I couldn’t stop thinking “you’re talking about my life!” since I was able to relate to many feelings and experiences which Natalie shared. I walked away uplifted, inspired and felt a strong sense of support and connection with Natalie and all the other women on similar journeys. Natalie you should be blessed with continued strength on your challenging journey and may you continue to give strength to others like you have given to me.’

Miriam - Melbourne

The first speaker at the conference was Natalie from Australia. Natalie took time away from her family to fly around the world, just to help other people know that they aren’t alone in our struggles.

Natalie has a daughter a few years older than our Charlotte and their abilities/disabilities are so similar. It touched my heart so much to hear such words of encouragement, as Natalie told stories of her families struggles and triumphs. Natalie helped me most, by just living the story and sharing it.

Kathy Hampton - USA

Thank you for taking the time to share your story with our group. Your presentation was something I needed to hear. Your raw emotion and ability to connect with the group beyond words but with similar experiences and struggles was heart warming.

Your vulnerability and ability to speak to the group, to the heart, was encouraging and hopeful. Thank you!

Amber & Joe Z. (Colorado, USA)

Recent Events

  • Emcee & Ambassador Just Live Australia October 2018 Newcastle, NSW.

  • I am so excited and honored to announce that Natalie-Roberts Mazzeo will be our keynote speaker! My life has been touched by Natalie because her passion for life and the way she has chosen to live it, is a constant reminder of what I inspire to be. I truly appreciate how she has turned her challenges into strengths, not just to help her own family, but to help others too. Natalie has created the most beautiful online community that supports, inspires, connects and educates others who are raising children with “additional needs” and I cannot be more thrilled that she will be joining us in Denver USA, all the way from Melbourne, Australia“. – Robin Boone Hudson (CEO).

  • Emcee & Ambassador (Melbourne Disability Expo) 16th & 17th November 2018

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