The ‘MeToo’ Campaign and Disability

If you’re on social media you will have noticed the #MeToo campaign, a viral hashtag that reveals the magnitude of sexual harassment.

The #MeToo has been used more than 21 million times on Facebook. As a woman it’s confronting to see these numbers, however the campaign extends to both males and females all over the world.

Up until now I have been silent, I didn’t want to even consider it an issue as I raise my two beautiful daughters.

I have been hesitant as to whether I should share my thoughts on this, however being such a huge advocate for children with disability I cannot remain quiet any longer.

The truth is I’m worried, I think of all the children over the world who do not have a voice, who cannot speak up and tell us these two words #MeToo.

My youngest daughter’s disability makes her incredibly vulnerable, she is unable to talk and she has no physical independence. It’s a topic that gets raised with a lot of concern throughout special needs forums, there are even education packs for parents on how to protect your child with additional needs from sexual abuse. Yes, that’s correct I was just as shocked. The fact that we even need such things is a huge concern.

We don’t focus on this side of the journey, however when there is a world wide campaign about such topics, it’s hard to look the other way.  I cannot even comprehend how much harder it is for females and males who do not have the same privileges I do.

This campaign whilst it is shocking in its enormity, it is also shedding light on a situation that must change. NOW.

For all children and adults and especially those who are vulnerable, lets create a world in which #MeToo cannot exist.

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