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When your child is diagnosed, everything changes. Life feels like a whirlwind and you crave to slow down and catch your breath.

Your heart breaks when you think about the future and the shock of what happened can leave you stuck in a holding pattern.

You not only lose the dream that you held so close for your family and especially your child, but you also lose any dreams you held for yourself.

You’re rushing to hospital visits, specialists appointments, school drop off. You are running on the back of broken sleep and the rising fear at the sign of any new health concern.

It’s all resting on your shoulders and it feels endless. You feel like you need to sacrifice everything for your child, even if your health and wellness is compromised.

You want your family to thrive, YOU want to thrive. Yet it feels impossible, especially given your unique motherhood circumstances.

I hear you, I understand and it’s time to REIGNITE that spark for life.

I believe we can find Peace and Purpose in our extraordinary motherhood journey, yet change starts with us.

Are you ready to change your story?

I am here to share what I learnt along my personal motherhood transformation from mum to special needs mum. As an award winning writer, coach and speaker I have gained so much knowledge that I want to share to help women just like you.

Learn practical tools to nourish and support you

+ Stop feeling like you are not doing enough

+ Create more space and time for  the things that light you up

+ Listen to your inner calling and connect with your soul

+ Stop the guilt for honouring your needs

+ Regain your own sense of who you are beyond the labels

+ Gain inner clarity, perspective and guidance

+ Stop putting yourself last on the list

+ Access an unshakable amount of strength and resilience

We all have the power to create the life we dream of. It all starts with saying yes to change and reigniting the passion for life again. ON YOUR TERMS.


Are you ready to REIGNITE your life?

To meet your days with more ease and flow and ignite the woman you want to be.

During the Reignite Program you will receive:

1:1 Coaching

There is something so powerful about having time to focus on YOU. Yes, that is exactly what we will be doing on each and every call. It’s all about you and your needs, dreams and wishes. Each week we will explore the six major themes and dive deep!

Rest Mama Meditation

A 5-minute mindfulness meditation that you listen to ant time during the day or night. You will instantly feel the benefits and the power of connecting to quiet and calm.

Weekly emails

Weekly emails covering the 6 major topics. There will also be 1:1 calls via Skype or phone  with worksheets and affirmations that will tie into the theme.

Useful tips

We are busy mamas so we need to ensure things are manageable with our busy lives. I know how hard it is to get to a one hour yoga class, so here we explore tips to bring calm in amongst the day to day life of motherhood.


Five 10 minute meditations to go deeper.

The 6  focuses that can help us return home to ourselves again:


The first step to the reignite journey begins with clarity, we get clear on what it is we want. It’s no surprise that compassion follows, as we embark on the journey to ourselves while we explore connection to ourselves and the world around us. The more we can stay aligned to what we want to create in our lives, the more shifts occur in our day-to-day life.

Trusting ourselves, our decisions and our intuition is a powerful tool. Learning ways to connect deeper, so that we can rely on our inner guidance through the ups and downs of life.

The word sanctuary evokes a tropical-like state! It’s a noisy world, so discovering our inner sanctuary is so important. Prioritising sacred space into our daily lives, where we can learn tools for creating both an inner and outer sanctuary.

Structure is all about how we flow through life, when we are organised things feel in control. Yet as we know too well, the unpredictability of raising a child with additional needs means that life can change in an instant. Perhaps it’s a sudden hospital visit, or a therapy appointment that is rescheduled or more. Having steps in place to help our organisation helps on so many levels. It’s about making the to-lists work for YOU, instead of the other way around.

Celebration, it’s time to party! Our lives can become all too serious and we lost the joy of laughter, friends, family and connection. We must celebrate all the days of our life, our children are remarkable teachers so let’s put it in practice and have some fun! Remember the woman you were before the roles of motherhood.

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