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Resonance Program

Are you ready to dive deeper into your soul resonance?.

Resonance – harnessing the fullness and depth of your potential.

Here we play in the arena of Inner Alchemy: an incredible process of creation and transformation. Where you leave the well-worn shores of your motherhood journey and expand into who you really are, beyond the many roles you carry. A homecoming that once activated, effortlessly permeates into all other areas of your life. You will realise that you are powerful beyond measure.

I see you and I honour you for being here. Every mother raising a child with diverse needs experiences their motherhood journey in a different way. Yet there is a collective thread that binds us together, along with our need to take extra care of our energy, in order to show up powerfully for ourselves, and the people we love and care for. This is a safe and sacred space to dive deeper into your needs, your dreams and yes, even your deepest desires. Resonance is where we journey for 5 months, where our work is amplified, as we take the deep drive, together.

I am here to share what I learnt along my personal motherhood transformation from mum to special needs mum. As an award winning writer, coach and speaker I have gained so much knowledge that I want to share to help women just like you.

Resonance Inner Circle

Resonance  is a group coaching experience for the woman who is ready to lead herself and uncover her true potential. It’s a journey to remember who you really are, what you are really made of and what you really want. 

This is for you if you know deep down that you are meant for more, that despite the diversity of your sacred motherhood journey, there is something waiting for you. 

This is a space to begin or deepen your own journey of inner alchemy. We will gather every fortnight, think of it as your connection to a group of women who finally understand what your motherhood journey is like. This is where you find your women, your community.

This is for all mothers who are raising children with diverse needs and are longing to feel supported and understood in the magnitude of their role and to connect with like-minded women. 

This is a space to begin or deepen your journey with the support of story-telling, healing modalities, coaching, NLP and community. 

I embody my values through intuition, self-responsibility, compassion, integrity and curiosity.

Awaken to your magnificence, reclaim your desires and dreams to  live an abundant life no matter what.


Are you ready to drop into your soul’s true resonance?

What you dream about

to feel energized and alive on a deep cellular level

to feel clear and aligned on a soul level

to finally understand what has been holding you back

to trust in your aligned actions to get you to the next step

to step up and follow your dreams and soul mission

to start living your best life with purpose and meaning

to restore your self trust, self esteem and overall sense of self

If you resonate with these statements, you’ll feel at home in this program.

Why Resonance?

In short, RESONANCE is a journey to release the internal stories that hold you back so you can then anchor into your absolute brilliance. 

It’s a collective experience because in order to restore the pieces that you have lost requires a village, one of women who ‘get it’.

Resonance is a space for you to be witnessed for who you really are. 

It’s a journey to reconnect to your true self and bring your dream (yes, that one that feels overwhelming or out of reach right now) and take the first steps to bring it to life. 

It’s about anchoring the inner realms of our world, so that we dreaming big, and take action. Together. 



Remember who you are.

The first few weeks are all about you, unlocking the vast and limitless possibilities that are available to you. We will explore your story, your word alchemy and the areas that keep you stuck in a holding pattern, so that you can release the conditioned layers and return home to your brilliance.  In summary, you will connect with your true nature.


Connect to your innate magic.

Then we will journey through connecting with your Soul. You will learn the magic of inner alchemy, how to harness the energy of your soul.  To create and lead your life in full alignment of who you are and what you stand for.  In summary, you will realize that you really are powerful beyond measure. 


Reclaim your dreams.

Towards the end of our journey we will learn the action steps keep you in forward momentum and that will keep your actions in alignment with the direction you are heading. You will learn to use the energetic tools that enables you to collapse time and space to curate a life truly aligned with  your deepest desires, values and aspirations, whatever the state of your current circumstances. In summary, you will start your very own revolution.



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