To Grace A Special Needs Sibling


I wish I could of played with you,

All the times you wanted to.

But our life has been so different,

Since your sister came along.

We had to learn a whole new language,

And sing a different life song.

I’m sorry for the times, you thought we didn’t care.

 But sometimes the weight of your sister’s diagnosis,

Was just a little too much to bare.

Natalie Roberts-Mazzeo

It’s been so hard for your Dad and me,

To get the balance right.

And we never wanted you to witness,

Another sleep-deprived fight

But I hope you have noticed,

That sometimes there is no wrong or right,

It’s simply about having the courage,

To let your light shine bright.

You have so much wisdom,

Buried deep into your soul.

And you seem to understand that in life,

Some things are just out of our control.

Standing Frame

But if there was one thing I could teach you,

As you take a giant leap

There is one major seed – that if you sew,

It will be sure to reap.

And that my little angel, is something called love,

 It will be your greatest ally,

Your constant white dove.

I admire the way you have embraced your sister,

And learnt her mysterious signs.

The way you always look out for her,

And how you are always so beautifully kind.

I know that you’ll value diversity

And learn that we are all whole,

No matter if we are in a wheelchair or walker,

Because we all have a divine soul.

So if there is one thing I can remind you

To focus on in life..

Be brave, be bold, be gentle, be bright,

For you dear Grace,

are so lovingly full of light.

Grace Mazzeo

So god damn proud of you!

Love Mum





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