Today I Brought Nappies

For my six year old.

I walked down the supermarket isle headed towards nappies and baby wipes. I picked up the box proudly, because that’s what I do these days.. whenever there’s the discomfort with anything “special needs” related, I hold my head up really high and I plant my feet firmly on the ground.

I make a conscious effort to rock this unique motherhood situation the best that I can, and in the most honouring way I can.

Because it’s not lost on me that so many mums around the world, would give anything just to have the opportunity to simply buy nappies for their child.

Yes of course, it would be easy for me to play that old narrative of how unfair this is, that I wish my beautiful daughter had the ability to take herself to the toilet, and then the flow on effect of feeling triggered by this journey. The domino effect of emotions that rush in when I focus on the limitation, lack and loss.

Yet I’m re-writing that story for myself, my daughter and my family.

I rewrite it every single time I:

  • buy nappies
  • place a bib on her
  • feed her in a cafe with people watching
  • push her in the wheelchair
  • place her in the walker
  • bathe her
  • dress her
  • lift her from her bed
  • carry her out in the world when her legs dangle below
  • speak about her
  • share my story as her mother
  • advocate for her

It is what it is and I am so damn grateful for her and all that comes with this wild adventurous motherhood journey, nappies and all.



Proud Mum & Advocate,





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Photo of Chiara and Mum: Emma Wise Photography 

Photo of Chiara and Grace: Jess Worrall Photography 





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