Tranquil Tuesday

You’ve heard those two buzz words ‘Self Care’ flying all over the place.

Telling you to slow down, to nourish, to prioritise your health and wellbeing, to exercise, to meditate, to sleep well.. yes the list goes on and on.

Yet given your circumstances it can feel, well…. pretty much impossible.

When you are raising a child with a disability or any other diagnosis, so much of your time and energy is taken up by providing additional care.

Some families live on very little sleep, perhaps they are up through the night dealing with seizures or administering medication. Maybe they just can’t switch their mind off, with all the enormity of the information they are dealing with.

Then there’s the physical side, the lifting children or young adults into and out of equipment, ie: wheelchairs and standing frames.

For the first few chaotic years after my daughters diagnosis, I spent most of my time either at The Royal Children’s Hospital or attending therapy appointments.

Any sort of self care other than a few hours sleep in between attending to my daughter throughout the night, felt like an impossible feat.

After a health scare I woke up to the fact that I needed to nourish myself more than ever, after all my daughter needed me to. Her diagnosis meant that she would require a lot of love and physical care for the rest of her life.

So I began to create ways to introduce self care into my life, yes I had to get really creative about it given my circumstances. Although I was lucky that I’m a qualified yoga and meditation teacher, so I had a tool kit. However even with that, it felt like a huge challenge.

I began with the most gentle of exercises, I had to build my strength up again both emotionally and physically. Here’s a few things that helped me get started:

  • slow walks in the sunshine (or even through the hospital corridors)
  • gentle stretching exercises
  • taking deep conscious breaths in and out
  • swimming (or even sometimes just floating I was that tired!)
  • riding my bike along the beach
  • writing and journalling
  • listening to music and moving to music
  • listening to an inspiring podcast
  • spending time in nature
  • enjoying a hot drink in the morning sun
  • taking moments of pause and breathing through stressful days
  • giving thanks for all the good things
  • catching up with girlfriends and having a belly laugh
  • reconnecting to the things I loved before I became a special needs mama

I also added a special gift for you, to give you that gentle nudge to nourish yourself.

Click the button below and download your “Body Scan Relaxation”. This is such a beautiful way to deeply rest and restore your mind, body and soul.

Keep planting those self care seeds and notice how much your life changes.

Take care,




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