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I am beyond excited to finally share with you some incredible news!

A huge thanks to Virgin Australia for their approval of seating devices for infants and children with a disability. It’s incredible when a company as innovative as Virgin recognise the needs of families just like ours living with a beautiful child with a disability.

D R U M R O L L….

Families are now able to travel with The Firefly GoTo Seat and The Carrot 3000 seat. I know from firsthand experience the incredible benefit this will have for so many.

We have both seats for our daughter Chiara, The Carrot Carseat which we use for car travel, and the GoTo Firefly for plane travel.

This whole movement of advocating and approval began when I flew with Virgin in April 2018, you can read more about it here. I shared with them our experience in the hope that they could help to create change for children with disabilities. My daughter requires appropriate lateral support, as she is unable to sit unassisted which is challenging when seated on a flight.

I was amazed to hear from Virgin Australia, who responded to my post and took it one step further and invited to fly myself and my family to their head office to discuss seating options – how amazing is that!

If you saw my original post, you would have seen all the positive reasons as to why I was advocating for this change. I am blown away that now families will have access to travel, more than they ever had before, simply due to easier seating options for children who cannot sit independently. There were hundreds of responses to my original post from families sharing photo’s of their children and the struggles they experiences when flying. I was shocked to hear that many families said they won’t even consider flying, simply because of the seating issues. So this new change will literally open the world up to many families and for that, I could not be happier!

My inbox has been flooded with messages from families who are booking their first holiday ever, simply because of this change. What a powerful impact, that families can travel with a lot more support and ease.

The positive impact this approval will have for thousands of families is incredible. You can find a list of their approved support devices here.



Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. – Margaret Mead


Have you already booked a flight? Don’t stress, simply notify Virgin that you will be needing to travel with either seats. You can contact Virgin Australia Centre on 136 789.

Disability Assistant Concession Fare with Virgin Australia

For those living in Australia, you qualify for the Virgin Disability Assistant Concession Fare.


Jess Worrall Photography

Jess Worrall Photography


Thank you again Virgin Australia for leading the way with inclusion, diversity and access for all.

I’d love to hear from you, how will this change impact your family? I have already received a few messages of excitement from families who have started to book their holidays as of today! Leave a comment below : – )

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Happy travels – the world is waiting for you!






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