What if?

Motherhood – what if?

What if a mother had everything she ever needed the moment her child was diagnosed?

What if a mother truly trusted her intuition at all times?

What if a mother honoured her need to slow down and just breathe?

What if a mother knew how much her love was enough?

What if a mother surrendered to a new kind of motherhood experience?

What if a mother had endless energy to both give and receive in every moment?

What if a mother knew she was always supported no matter how alone she felt?

What if a mother expanded into dimensions she never knew possible?

What if a mother made all her decisions based from her centre and nobody else’s?

What if a mother had the space to breathe and recalibrate day after day?

What if a mother let go of any guilt or shame that was never hers to begin with?

What if a mother honoured her birth process and never blamed herself – ever.

What if a mother no longer grieved her child’s losses?

What if a mother was in full reverence at the local park, while other kids ran free?

What if a mother let go of the load she was carrying, to make way for the new?

What if a mother could actually be present with what is, rather than what isn’t?

What if a mother transcended and trusted her journey?

What if that’s what our children with special gifts are here to show us?

A new way, a sacred way, a softer way to move through this wild and precious life… what if….?

After five years of intensive therapies for our beautiful daughter, we honour the need for us as her parents to function at our optimum, so we can can continue to help her reach her full potential. We know too well what it feels like to pour form an empty cup. We’ll never stop doing what we do for Chiara, but we have stopped compromising our own health and wellbeing in the process.

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