What is the Diploma of Screen and Media Makeup Course?

Is it your dream to create authentic looks for the stage or screen or to work backstage at fashion week? If it is, your dream is realised by acquiring a Diploma of Screen and Media Makeup course.

What is the Diploma of Screen and Media Makeup Course?

  • Becoming a professional in special effects or working as a makeup artist across different creative roles is provided a robust foundation by the Diploma of Screen and Media Makeup course.  This is because all aspects of makeup creation from the application to the designing of makeup to serve various purposes are covered by the course.
  • Additionally, styling hair and wigs and special effects makeup are also learned from the Diploma of Screen and Media Makeup course. Designing and applying prosthetics learned from the course allows you to become a specialist in makeup effects.
  • Collaborating with fellow students in the beauty, hair, and fashion departments, professional photoshoots, and working on shows such as runway events are the hands-on and practical opportunities awaiting anyone choosing to enrol in the course.
  • The opportunity to gain a nationally recognised qualification, opening a career pathway as a specialist makeup artist in retail, TV, beauty, photography, and film industries.
  • Avail of mentoring programs from a vast array of recognised professionals in the beauty industry. Access is also granted by the course to participate in various beauty projects and other one-of-a-kind industry events.
  • Involvement in specialised workshops, industry excursions, and background tours from the course is designed to provide a great head start to the exciting world of beauty and makeup.

What are the Core Units Covered by the Course?

Both practical work and theory involved in the course allow students to develop their skills in the application of makeup. Being able to work with other students is another skill learned from the course.

The training areas covered by the course include:

  • Makeup and hair continuity
  • Learning and perfecting the art of makeup highlighting and contouring
  • Creating makeup concepts and briefs
  • Learning catwalk, fashion, and editorial makeup
  • Learning event- specific makeup artistry for period looks, bridal, and many more
  • TV and film makeup
  • Hairpiece, wigs, and hair styling
  • Specialised training in prosthetics, stage makeup, and latex application
  • Airbrushing skills and body painting
  • Theatrical and character makeup

Expected Career Paths

Acquiring a Diploma of Screen and Makeup Course provides a wide variety of exciting career pathways in the beauty industry, including:

Freelance Makeup Artist

Launching a career as a freelance makeup artist is the right fit for individuals who:

  • Are motivated
  • Set their own hours
  • Socialise when they feel like it

Special Effects Makeup Designer/Artist

One of the most enticing and captivating beauty careers today is becoming a special effects makeup designer/artist. Innovation and creativity are the opportunities provided by this type of beauty specialisation. In the entertainment industry, special effects makeup not only transforms – it also sets the tone for storytelling. Not only is special effects limited to the film industry but the skill applies to different fields such as advertising, fashion, and many more.

Beauty Blogger

Perhaps one of the most powerful presences in today’s digital landscape is beauty bloggers. Earning while having fun is the thing that attracts many people to beauty bloggers.

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